Buy-to-let: bank offers 113pc mortgages – on repossessed flats in Spain

While banks at home are avoiding the lending excesses of the past – such as the notorious 100pc-plus loans that helped bring down Northern Rock – other European lenders are following a different tack. In

Looking for property bargains? Don’t turn to the US

How US housing went from boom to bust From the 1950s to the late 1990s, US house prices roughly kept pace with inflation. After all, America is not a densely populated country and there are

Oil price crash will pop UK’s property bubble

Every property bubble has a statistic that brings home how crazy things are. For example, at the height of the Japanese property bubble in the 1980s, the land around the emperor’s palace in Tokyo was

€250,000 Spanish villa sold for just €87,000

Falling property values and soaring costs are forcing expats home – where some face fresh difficulties. Like thousands of other British expatriates, Bob Puddicombe and his wife, Phyllis, found that their retirement dreams of a