Here at The Avantis Group Limited, we have an experienced team of staff assisting in finding discounted stock and property.

We specialise in Repossession property, discounted property, insolvent or distressed businesses, liquidated stock, repossessed possessions and assets.

The Avantis Group specialise in the following fields:

  • Insolvent assets
  • Distressed assets
  • Repossessed property
  • Struggling businesses

Whether you are buying or selling, our experienced team of staff are on hand to assist you and help you find best available repossessed property with up to 38% discount.
The Avantis Group ensure the transaction is done smoothly and swiftly from start to finish.
Huge discounts on repossessed and hugely discounted stock and assets.
The Avantis Group have close ties with major finance houses, underwriters and banks allowing us to get the best repossession property ans stock deals to you first at lowest prices.
That’s all about The Avantis Group.

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